Perfect Filet Mignon at Home

this recipe is foolproof!

this recipe is foolproof!

As I mentioned in the last post, I always cook a special dinner for The Hubs on Valentines Day.  This filet is the To Die For cornerstone of said special meal.  If you like meat and have a fancy occasion on which you are willing to drop a few extra bucks, this recipe is for YOU.  This year’s V-day was slightly different than last, featuring a new, extra demanding, one-month old special guest star.  Even though we had to hurry up and eat in-between his cries for diaper changes and feedings, I wouldn’t have traded it for any other Valentine’s Day dinner.  Our meal was delayed by one day because by the time Saturday night rolled around severe sleepless fatigue set in and we ended up ordering a pizza (for shame!).  The Hubs then gave me the greatest Valentine’s Day gift possible; he told me to go to bed and he took ALL the night feedings.  I slept from 8:30 PM to 6:30 AM.  Ten hours of glorious sleep – I truly have the best husband on the planet.  I felt SO AWESOME the following day. Amazing what sleep can do for you when you’ve not had it in a month.

thank god for the mamaroo!

thank god for the mamaroo spacechair!

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Toaster Oven Single Sized Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

in 25 min or less, these cookies can be in your mouth!

in 20 min or less, these two cookies can be in your mouth!

In my last post I mentioned toaster oven chocolate chip cookies for two.  Again, this is about all the baking/creativity I’ve been able to manage lately.  When The Hubs isn’t home, it seriously comes down to living off of what I can make in the toaster oven.  I don’t know about you, but when I make cookies it looks like a flour bomb went off in the kitchen.  Also, multiple mixing bowls, mixer, multiple spoons, baking sheets, cooling racks – let’s just say the clean up can sometimes be so daunting for a 9 month pregnant lady that a box of chips ahoy sometimes wins over homemade cookie cleanup.  Not anymore!!!!  This recipe is awesome because all you have to throw in the dishwasher is one cereal-sized bowl, measuring spoons, and a 1/4 sized measuring cup – that’s IT!  Total homemade cookie cleanup I can get behind.  It’s quick, too; in less than 20 minutes you can be eating warm, gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies, which is great because my attention span lately… SQUIRREL! Continue reading

Monkey Bread

yes, this came out of a can and I am not ashamed

yes, this came out of a can and I am not ashamed

Let me begin by saying, this is not from scratch, not even remotely.  I’ve thrown scratch out the window and replaced it with ease these past couple of months… I’ll tell you what, this pregnancy thing is not all it’s cracked up to be… I’m 35 1/2 weeks preggo and I think I’ve spent more time at the doctor’s office and hospital in the past week than I have in my own home.  I’m finding high risk (advanced age, remember?) equals tests, testing and more tests, followed by multiple unnecessary freak-outs.  The Hubs has taken over most of the cooking (quite skillfully, might I add) because I’m so physically exhausted by 5PM, it’s all I can do to make my way to the sofa and curl up on the preggo pillow (a lifesaver, by the way) to watch Big Bang Theory re-runs.

35 weeks, 3 days...

35 weeks, 3 days…

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Nana’s Cookies


My parents came to visit last month and I was able to kill two birds with one stone, um, I mean, cookie.  I got to make our traditional family cookie with my mom AND participate with said cookie in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!

cookie swap packaging prep

cookie swap packaging prep

A Christmas family tradition of ours is to make “Nana’s Cookies”, also known as “Ice Box”, “Little Horns,” or “Kolaché” cookies.  These cookies are a two-day labor of love process and one batch can make up to 180+ cookies!  In early December, my mom usually has my brother Bob, my sister-in-law Jodi and some of the granddaughters over to her house and they make Nana’s cookies assembly line style.  I have missed this tradition, as I am normally not home in Michigan mid-December for the cookie-making party.  This year, however, mom was in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, so we made them together!

the mother recipe...

the mother recipe…

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Cranberry Sauce!

dribble overtop your turkey and then you won't have to give up valuable space on your plate!

dribble overtop your turkey and then you won’t have to give up valuable space on your plate!

Ok, so cranberry sauce… Growing up, I never touched it, as it was totally just some wobbly jello-y looking thing that slithered out of a can.  I didn’t bother with it because it took up valuable real estate that could be used for more stuffing on my Thanksgiving plate.  I recently found this recipe on-line for the sweetest cranberry sauce you’ll ever eat.  These bursting berries are mixed with enough sugar for sweetness, orange juice for tartness, and warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to bring home the holiday season.  I’ve found I like just a wee bit dribbled overtop my golden browned turkey breast slices.  The Hubs is a dark meat leg man, but I go for the breast!

so pretty, so festive!

so pretty, so festive!

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Connie’s Amazing Pork Sausage Stuffing


Hi Mom!

This is how my mom looks after a day of stem-christies on the slopes.  #flawless

Turkey is great; gravy, brussels, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole – all great.  But the stuffing?  I swear I could just eat 2 plates of mom’s stuffing and nothing else on Thanksgiving and call it good.  My mom makes the best effing stuffing on the planet.  She only makes it once a year on Thanksgiving because it’s so deliciously sinful.  It all starts where many awesome recipes begin, with pork fat.  For those confused about the difference between stuffing and dressing; stuffing goes into the bird and dressing is made outside of the bird.  My mom is a bird-stuffer so this recipe is for stuffing.  I’m sure you could put it in a casserole dish and maybe pour some butter overtop and bake it covered at 350 for 20-30 minutes or so if you need it t0 be crispy, but this stuffing is meant to be flavored by the fat of turkey drippings melded with pork sausage.  She makes the stuffing the night before and then stuffs it into the bird the following morning before roasting.  Her turkey is always perfect and the stuffing always moist and flavorful (thanks again turkey drippings, pork fat and chicken stock).  My only advice if you go the stuff-the-bird route is: make sure the stuffing is ALSO brought to room temperature before you pack your bird with it.

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Sorghum Cider Punch

boozy punch for the ladies

boozy punch for the ladies!

This weekend good friends helped to throw my Nashville baby shower for me.  It was so nice to be surrounded by such thoughtful, lovely ladies!  I thought I’d share some photos along with the sorghum cider punch recipe in which I didn’t imbibe but happily made for others to enjoy!  The Hubs swore an expletive when he tried the punch, and since he’s my ultimate recipe sound board, I’d say it was pretty @$&* good.  Packed with warm cinnamon, cider and sorghum flavors, this chilled punch is perfect for your fall Thanksgiving festivities.  Two highlights of the shower were Donut Den’s croissant-donuts (“cronut” is copywrited) and Mod’s Jackson Pollock inspired onesie she painted from craft corner.

mmmmm gahhhhh glazed croissants...

mmmmm gahhhhh glazed croissants…

Baby P.Par for sure will not be a conformist!

Baby P.Par for sure will be a non-conformist!

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Buttery Pretzel Bites

note: the pretzels were delish but cheese dip was NOT a success.

note: the pretzels were delish but cheese dip was NOT a success.

Is it just me, or is everyone in a bigger rush than ever this year?  It seemed like we hadn’t even turned the Halloween corner into November and I was getting Christmas catalogues and seeing lawns already decorated with Rudolph and Santa.  I went to the mall at the beginning of this month and it was INSANE, like, frenzied with early holiday gift shoppers.  Everyone’s in a big ass rush this time of year; apparently even my doctor is in a rush.  I was told by her last week, depending on my health, that my baby will probably deliver anywhere from three to five weeks early (remember, I’m considered an advanced age preggo).  It was like a preverbal slap in the face – I thought I had ALLLLLLL this time to still prepare for Baby P’s arrival.  I mean, three months is a long time to prepare, but cut that down to two months, a mere eight weeks, possibly even only SEVEN weeks?  After the numbness of her verbal slap wore off, I frantically began checking on-line for the parenting classes and hospital maternity ward tour availability that my doc had told me to look into at the end of my seventh month (a week from now).  I mean, I haven’t changed a diaper since my niece Nicole was a baby and she’s turning 30 next month if that tells you anything.  ALL the parenting classes were full, not just full through November, but full through the end of January.  What about daycare?  I have to go back to work 90 days after he’s born and every single daycare place has a waiting list that is years (plural, as in multiple yearS) long.  Next I discovered the rocking chair I wanted is three to four months for delivery!  My goodness, had I failed already?  I couldn’t even sign up for the parenting class in time!   Where’s our kid going to sleep, in a drawer (?), because we surely hadn’t yet bought a bassinet.  Cripes, I just found out a few days ago that cribs do not come with mattresses.  You can’t even take your baby home from the hospital unless you have a car seat!  Thankfully, my husband saw my wild-eyed onset of a full body panic attack, told me to breathe, gave me a hug, and went with me that very instant to purchase the car seat and bassinet.  We finally picked up the (backordered – of course) bassinet today and set it up in our sun-filled bedroom.  I know this probably sounds silly but I felt such a sense of calming relief.  He has a place to sleep, it’s beautiful and looks comfortable and is portable so I can wheel him around the house from bedroom to kitchen to office if necessary.  A space in a really good daycare opened up yesterday and I managed to secure it!  I made plans to attend parenting classes at a different hospital and got a spot through a doula’s tour of the maternity ward.  I think everything is going to be ok.  I feel like I accomplished a lot in baby world this week, and deserve a baby pat on the back.

can you hear angels singing?

can you hear angels singing?

Speaking of The Mall, is it as hard for you as it is for me to pass the buttery pretzel place and not buy them?  Especially pregnant; me want crusty, doughy, buttery, salty pretzels!  I was surprised how easy these suckers were to make.  And the taste?  One bite and I blurted out Holy $@!&!! so loudly that the Hubs called down from his office upstairs to ask if everything was ok.  OMG so good and they taste just like the ones in the mall.  If you own a bread maker, I suspect they will be even easier for you to make and you should follow this recipe.  If you do not have a bread maker but own a stand mixer with a dough hook, please follow the below recipe.  If you only have your hands, I hope you are rested up because you’ll need your strength to knead all this business together. Continue reading

Saveur’s December Cover: Apple Pandowdy

skillet apple pie!

it’s skillet apple pie, y’all!

This is a wonderful recipe to bring to Thanksgiving.  It’s great because it will stay warm for an hour after you remove it from the oven!  Apple Pandowdy, what a silly name, eh?  I had to look up what the hell a pandowdy was, and frankly I think this old timey dessert was definitely before my time and also out of my region.  Wiki states pandowdy hails from the New England states and our Canadian neighbors to the North.  Pandowdy supposedly gets it’s name from the noise the dough makes while it’s baking.  I didn’t hear any dough noises, but I sure did grunt a lot while lifting this heavy cast iron pan in and out of the oven!  This recipe is from Saveur and it seems the trend is still all old things are new again, so pandowdy it is!

note the melty ice cream rivers...

note the melty ice cream rivers…

People, if someone makes this recipe for you, it means they really, really LOVE you.  I mean, peeling, coring and chopping 12 apples made my hands cramp!  My preggo swollen feet were pretty tired when all was said and done.  However, it’s totally worth it, especially because I made it in celebration for my own veteran today, my special guy, my smarty pants, my cooking inspiration, the love of my life; my hubs.  He said it was @#&*!@! amazing and especially liked that the apples were soft yet solid and not sour.  He also noted: the crust squares were buttery, flaky and are melt-in-your-mouth-delicious!  I served it to him warm with vanilla ice cream, then watched as the vanilla melted little tributaries of cream into the apple juices.  YUM. Continue reading